Frequently Asked Questions


I have already graduated from high school. Can I still submit?

Yes. We welcome all students from K to college to share their talent with us. However, we do care about age appropriateness and thus encourage you to contact our editorial team and submit your work for a review if you graduated high school by the time you submit. We would be more than happy to handle it case by case.

I don't live in the US. Can I submit?

Yes. We accept submissions from students all over the world.

I am not registered with JuniorCoach as a student. Can I submit?

All students are welcome! However, be sure to check out JuniorCoach for courses and one on one tutoring opportunities JuniorCoach provides here.

I am a registered JuniorCoach volunteer. Can I submit?

By all means! Kudos for being a proud JuniorCoach, so long as you are eager to participate, submit!

Do I get any volunteer hours for my participation?

Yes. We understand and appreciate you spending time to contribute to the journal. As a general rule of thumb, for published works, the author can log 3 hours for an article submission and 6-8 hours for an art work depending on the complexity would be a reasonable amount. For editorial team members, your actual work time is counted towards your volunteer hours.


Can I get help and/or advice from a teacher about my work before submitting?

Yes! We encourage you to! Good writing as well as artwork need workshopping and revising. But please make sure all of the work should be done by you. We also have writing clubs and poetry classes that you would benefit from. Please check here for details.

What are the length limitations for writing?

Please limit your word count to a maximum of 1500 words.

What types of pieces do you accept?

We welcome all types of writing, art, and beyond. Diversity in work is very important to us. We also encourage all types of art submissions: painting, video, multimedia, etc. We also ask that artwork is submitted in a digital file.

Submission Guidelines and Selection Process

Towards Tomorrow submission is always open. We also publish selected submissions here on our website as we go. At the end of May each year, our editorial board also will select outstanding works from the online publication pool to be included in our yearly journal issues.