Pollution Is a Massive Problem

by Victor Chen

Pollution is a massive problem. 99 percent of the world suffers from pollution, and 7 million people die each year due to air pollution. This problem is too dangerous and needs to be solved.

Pollution harms crops and trees in many ways. It decreases the sunlight which is a source of food for plants and trees to grow. It can also cause acid rain and respiratory disease. Pollution causes respiratory disease because of pollution particles. Pollution harms forests and wildlife agriculture. Poor people who cannot afford to protect themselves from the negative impacts of pollution will suffer the worst. Pollution also leads to global warming and higher chances of cancer. Pollution is now known as the most prominent environmental health threat.

The largest source of pollution is garbage. The reason why garbage is the main source of pollution is that garbage could travel around the ocean. This causes aquatic life to think garbage is “food.” Garbage can also affect physical habitats in the ocean. Garbage also transports chemical pollutants, and infects rivers and is a major threat to aquatic life .

We need to solve this problem immediately, or this might cause a devastating end to life on Earth and the planet itself.