Towards Tomorrow is a youth journal published by JuniorCoach, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing peer-to-peer free instruction for youth. The journal accepts and showcases submissions here on the website year-round. Every June, a handful of selected outstanding works among the previous submissions will be selected in the annual digital journal.

Towards Tomorrow invites submissions that are of interest to all types of writing and artwork. The editorial team welcomes and encourages submissions from a wide range of cultures and perspectives.

We value works that highlight implications for research, policy, and practice and emphasize issues of equity and justice, as well as small moments of your everyday lives. No matter if your works are action-packed stories, intriguing nonfiction, heartwarming poetry, paintings, or multimedia productions, Towards Tomorrow always has a place for them.

Through a collaborative process among our team, Towards Tomorrow presents a unique and authentic vehicle for showcasing young writers' and artists' diverse talents. This literary gem aims to inspire young students all over the world to hone their craft and share their voices with the community.​