by Chengxuan Guo (Nanjing, China)

I drew this rabbit for my dad since he was born in the Year of the Rabbit. Because the rabbit's fur is short, dense, and silky, when drawing it, the fur needs to be thin—no more than one millimeter per line. But the difficult part is the orientation of the fur. The Rabbit is the fourth in the Chinese zodiac, and the orientation of the fur has several sections. Each section's fur needs to be in the same direction, depending on the body line. Unfortunately, the third fur on the eyebrow is too thick.

I learned painting for three years. I initially drew trees and mountains, and the difficulty increased gradually. I learned the basics one by one, and now I've started to draw animals. Chinese paintings are divided into two kinds: the first is "frehan," which means you draw enjoyably and easily, and the other is traditional Chinese realistic painting, which means you draw carefully and with details. This rabbit is a traditional Chinese realistic painting. However, it is drawn on fabric, departing from rice paper. The fabric makes the paint dry fast.

Copying a Partial Section of  'Wutong Twin Rabbits' by Leng Mei ( Qing Dynasty,China)