The Storm in the Valley

by Eric Bao, 10th Grade, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The pristine trees stood rigid on top of the island, surrounded with crystal clear water; the water gave off a majestic look, reflecting the grand mountains behind it. Mystic forest surrounded the lake where, wildlife darted in and out of the shadows. Strong branches rose into the air, supporting the heavy weights of nests, home to all kinds of exotic birds. Chattering and chirping, they flew playfully around. while majestic rocks stood out at the top. Like guardians, the strong mountains stood, protecting the valley from all sides. Lazy clouds drifted over the mountain range, running down the mountainside with childish joy. The peacefulness was infectious. 

A stream of smoke rose within the forest, and laughter echoed through the valley. The small village, hidden within the forest, housed a lively community. As the children played tag in the clearing, their parents worked the fires, hunted fish, and cleaned the houses. The whole village was in a festive mood, as they hung up lanterns and decorated their home with vibrant colors. Even the animal seems to be celebrating; rabbits hopping in the under bushes, deers running from the tree, and birds fluttering high in the branches. 

Amidst the fluffy white clouds, a dark gray rain could roll over the mountains, floating silently in. Slowly and slowly, the ominous drifted over the forest, shadowing the forest. A loud rumbling was heard behind the mountains, bringing in more dark clouds that drifted, rolled and tumbled down the mountains., Encircling the lake like a snake rounding its prey, the clouds curled around the valley, dispersing any fluffy or soft could along the way, 

Then the wind blew, rushing from all sides. Threatening to uproot trees, the fierce wind flew like the devil, throwing up leaves, rocks and even birds. As it mercilessly ripped leaves from their branches, digging up saplings, and hurling them everywhere, the rain clouds stood still, motionless in the wind. 

CRACK. A lightning bolt strikes a pine tree, splintering the pointing needle and lighting it up. CRACK, another striked onto a bolder, striking it in half. As the thunder rumbled throughout the valley, rippling the lake. The mountain sent down an avalanche of rocking, loosened by the booming sound. In a blink of an eye, rain water poured, extinguishing the smoke. The thickness made it impossible to see anything much beyond a few paces, washing out the landscape. As wild animals darted for cover, more lighting striked left and right, filling the valley in unnatural light. As if a conductor suddenly swiped his wand, the rain stopped.

 Water droplets slowly dripped down the leaves, the last remains of the sudden storm. Slowly and slowly, the forest came alive again, rabbits peeking out of their borrow, birds chirping their loss, the dark clouds slowly drifted out, over the mountain, disappearing from view. The brilliant blue sky shown through, glittering everything it’s ray touched. ThHe rivers flowed with renewed strength. Rushing into the lake with joy.