Towards Tomorrow

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Smoking Problems

by Kong Kong

In busy cities all around the world, it is easy and often to see someone smoke. Smoking might seem to be a small thing, but it is definitely not. More...

by Nina He 

My life was boring. No one bothered about me. No one cared. I think it would be a miracle if someone knew I existed. More...

by Victor Chen

Pollution is a massive problem. 99 percent of the world suffers from pollution, and 7 million people die each year due to air pollution. This problem is too dangerous and needs to be solved.  More...

by Eric Bao

The pristine trees stood rigid on top of the island, surrounded with crystal clear water; the water gave off a majestic look, reflecting the grand mountains behind it. Mystic forest surrounded the lake where, wildlife darted in and out of the shadows.  More...

by Tim Ma

Challiza was in his underground hometown reading The Unknowns Almanack written by The Unknown. A few days ago, the creator of the chameleons had died and left a clue, it said “No journey comes without risk, in a land where things decay, contains a clue it awaits.’’ More...

by Beatrix Wei

Martin Luther King Jr said: “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, “What are you doing for others?” 

But many people disagree with that. More...

by Grace Lee

Outside the women, shown only a quarter who she may be

Behind the women, a different person day and night no one can see More...

by Cordelia Wei

Imagine you are playing on a playground. Suddenly a child you don’t know gets bullied. You think, “Oh well, I don’t know that child. I don’t have to stand up for him.” More...

by Amber Sheu

I often get questions from classmates on how I study for specific exams, or how I approached a certain class when I took it. Usually I’ll offer a simple answer that they’ll want to hear, but truly studying effectively is a discipline that is developed over time.  More...


Copying a Partial Section of  'Wutong Twin Rabbits' by Leng Mei ( Qing Dynasty,China)

Rabbit by Chengxuan Guo (Nanjing, China)

I drew this rabbit for my dad since he was born in the Year of the Rabbit. Because the rabbit's fur is short, dense, and silky, when drawing it, the fur needs to be thin—no more than one millimeter per line. But the difficult part is the orientation of the fur. The Rabbit is the fourth in the Chinese zodiac, and the orientation of the fur has several sections. Each section's fur needs to be in the same direction, depending on the body line. Unfortunately, the third fur on the eyebrow is too thick.

I learned painting for three years. I initially drew trees and mountains, and the difficulty increased gradually. I learned the basics one by one, and now I've started to draw animals. Chinese paintings are divided into two kinds: the first is "freehand," which means you draw enjoyably and easily, and the other is traditional Chinese realistic painting, which means you draw carefully and with details. This rabbit is a traditional Chinese realistic painting. However, it is drawn on fabric, departing from rice paper. The fabric makes the paint dry fast.

Snack by Rishi Gupta (CA, USA)

I like to draw in my free time; it helps me relax. One day, when I was studying, I noticed a cup of milk and a pear my mom gave me for a snack. The way the smooth cup and the textured pear looked together fascinated me, so I decided to draw them to capture the simple beauty of that moment. 

A little magical bubble world by Emma (Auckland, New Zealand)

My name is Emma. I'm 9 years old. I started taking art lessons when I was five because I want to put all the pictures in my mind onto paper. I enjoy working with watercolors and markers the most. In the future, I aspire to become an artist and have my own art exhibition.

It's like a little magical bubble world. The rabbit holds the umbrella because the bubble world is always sunny and shining. The snail is curious about the outside world, while the butterfly wants to enter the bubble world. The fairies have always guarded this little world. If you could enter this wonderful place, you would want to stay here forever!

A Fusion of Chinese Cultural Splendor by Ella Meng (Beijing, China)

Step into a world of vibrant colors, intricate costumes, and timeless traditions as we embark on a visual journey celebrating the rich tapestry of Chinese culture and the mesmerizing allure of Beijing Opera. This captivating drawing seamlessly weaves together iconic elements from Chinese heritage, capturing the essence of a performance art that has entranced audiences for centuries. I invite you to explore the harmony of history and artistry in this unique artistic creation. 

Flying Toward The Future by Dia Wang (MA, USA)

Flying Toward The Future represents the change that occurs when moving towards the future. The main figure of the piece is seen clinging onto a flying fish heading towards a futuristic Atlantis of sorts, resembling an ocean wave. As the ocean nears the structure it loses its old life and changes into something more mechanical. Though the figure is aware of the change the future brings, they still can't help but see the structure as a brightly lit hope, leaving their previous life behind for the future. 

Lonely sole by Jiage Wang (Shanghai, China)

In my room, a single sneaker sits, its laces neatly tied in a state of abandonment. Once part of countless adventures and long walks, it now seems to long for the days when it had a matching companion and the warmth of a foot within it. This lonely sneaker holds the stories of its journeys and the memories of places it has traveled, patiently awaiting the day when it can once again fulfill its sole purpose. 

This Fascinating World  by Meimei Zhang (MA, USA)

In this fascinating futuristic world, there are a total of eight distinct places, each showcasing unique features from various time periods in the future. Let's explore these remarkable locations: Two tree houses: one of the tree houses is spacious, the other one is cozy and charming. Two futuristic cities: one above ground and modern and the other underwater with mysteries of the sea. Two steampunk inspired cities: one above ground and elegant and the other underwater and unique. With a few cactus/succulent themed buildings and a tree and bush themed building under the water. 

Futuristic Perspectives  by Andrew Sun-Zhuang (WA, USA)

I always think about our future world. It probably will involve lots of AI into our life. People would be benefited due to different high technologies. My art is about a futuristic robot who is standing on a cliff. It is being controlled by a human, and they are drawing a piece of art that is suspended in the air at dusk, in which there is a sunset. The artwork is picturing the future in their perspectives, so the artwork that the robot is drawing is the future of the world in the robot’s perspective. A flying bus is taking a group of happy children home from school. There is a parrot watching the robot draw the picture because he likes the robot’s drawing. In the top right corner, there is a space saucer, which is what I think futuristic travel will be like. 

Halloween Dog  by Frank Jiang (TX, USA)

The dog is coming out of a pumpkin, and the pumpkin represents Halloween. I made it because Halloween is coming up soon and I like dogs and cats, so I made this artwork. 

Self Portait by Chloé Lambolez (Paris, France)

Je m'appelle Chloé et j'ai dix ans. J'habite en France. J'aime la nature, les animaux, lire et aussi la musique.  Mon chat est mon meilleur ami, il joue et dort souvent avec moi.  La guitare est mon instrument préféré et je suis fier d’en jouer.

My name is Chloé and I am ten years old. I live in France. I like nature, animals, reading and also music. My cat is my best friend, he often plays and sleeps with me. The guitar is my favorite instrument and I am proud to play it.

Rhapsodic Party by Camille Lambolez (Paris, France)

When night falls, everything in the house comes alive. A  group of strange friends come on the roof. We have a special party inside and outside the house.

Morning prayers by Nikki Sheu (TX, USA)

Nikki Sheu: In this oil painting of a monk praying at dawn, I experimented with a variety of colors, mainly warm tones, to evoke a sense of calmness and capture the beauty of light's fleeting magic.

(Untitled) by Sharon Yang (TX, USA)

Sharon Yang: I like to capture the beauty of reality through conveying movement.

Shanghai by Amber Sheu (TX, USA)

This piece was one of my larger forays into experimenting with watercolor to paint a building landscape. The details and high contrast colors remind me of a city that doesn't sleep.

(Untitled) by Nikita Raman (TX, USA)

Nikita Raman: In my art, I like to capture the beauty in people by using different colors to bring attention to their features.