Towards Tomorrow

A JuniorCoach Literary Journal

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Written and Illustrated by Kong Kong

One Christmas Eve, Santa was on his way to deliver presents for good girls and boys. The reindeer were as fast as lightning because the sleigh was fully loaded this year. Suddenly, some presents fell off his sleigh all over the woods! More...

by Beatrix Wei

Martin Luther King Jr said: “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, “What are you doing for others?”

But many people disagree with that. More...

by Grace Lee

Outside the women, shown only a quarter who she may be

Behind the women, a different person day and night no one can see More...

by Cordelia Wei

Imagine you are playing on a playground. Suddenly a child you don’t know gets bullied. You think, “Oh well, I don’t know that child. I don’t have to stand up for him.” More...

by Amber Sheu

I often get questions from classmates on how I study for specific exams, or how I approached a certain class when I took it. Usually I’ll offer a simple answer that they’ll want to hear, but truly studying effectively is a discipline that is developed over time. More...

by Jonathan Pan

The sound of the footsteps all of a sudden ceased to exist, as all surroundings, the lush green mountains and calming sea, appeared to be descending. I was flying. More...


Morning prayers by Nikki Sheu

Nikki Sheu: In this oil painting of a monk praying at dawn, I experimented with a variety of colors, mainly warm tones, to evoke a sense of calmness and capture the beauty of light's fleeting magic.

(Untitled) by Sharon Yang

Sharon Yang: I like to capture the beauty of reality through conveying movement.

Shanghai by Amber Sheu

This piece was one of my larger forays into experimenting with watercolor to paint a building landscape. The details and high contrast colors remind me of a city that doesn't sleep.

(Untitled) by Nikita Raman

Nikita Raman: In my art, I like to capture the beauty in people by using different colors to bring attention to their features.